GG File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AlignmentFlags.h [code]Contains the Alignment flag type and the global alignment flag constants
Base.h [code]Contains enums, utility classes, and free functions used throughout GG
BrowseInfoWnd.h [code]Contains the BrowseInfoWnd class, and its subclass TextBoxBrowseInfoWnd
Button.h [code]Contains the Button push-button control class; the StateButton control class, which represents check boxes and radio buttons; and the RadioButtonGroup control class, which allows multiple radio buttons to be combined into a single control
Clr.h [code]Contains the utility class Clr, which represents colors in GG
ColorDlg.h [code]Contains the Wnd class, upon which all GG GUI elements are based
Control.h [code]Contains the Control class, the base class for all GG controls
Cursor.h [code]Contains Cursor class, which encapsulates the rendering of the input cursor
DrawUtil.h [code]Contains numerous 2D rendering convenience functions, for rendering rectangles, circles, etc
DropDownList.h [code]Contains the DropDownList class, a control that displays a current selection, and allows the user to select one of several options from a list that drops down when the control is clicked
DynamicGraphic.h [code]Contains the DynamicGraphic class, a control that allows display of a slideshow or animated sequence of images
Edit.h [code]Contains the Edit class, a single-line editable text-box control
Enum.h [code]Contains the utility classes and macros that allow for easy conversion to and from an enum value and its textual representation
EventPump.h [code]Contains the EventPump class and its helper classes
Exception.h [code]Contains the GG::Exception base class and macros that ease declaring subclasses
FileDlg.h [code]Contains the standard GG file dialog
Flags.h [code]Contains Flags and related classes, used to ensure typesafety when using bitflags
Font.h [code]Contains the Font class, a class that encapsulates the rendering of a single FreeType-compatible fonts in italics, with underlining, left-, right-, or center- justified, etc., and the FontManager class which provides application-wide management of Font objects
GUI.h [code]Contains GUI class, which encapsulates the state and behavior of the entire GG GUI
Layout.h [code]Contains the Layout class, which is used to size and align GG windows
ListBox.h [code]Contains the ListBox class, a control that contains rows of other controls, commonly TextControls
Menu.h [code]Contains the MenuItem class, which represents menu data; the MenuBar control class; and the PopupMenu class, which is used to provide immediate context menus
MultiEdit.h [code]Contains the MultiEdit class, a multi-line text box control
OgreGUI.h [code]Contains OgreGUI, the input driver for using Ogre with GG
OgreGUIInputPlugin.h [code]Contains OgreGUIInputPlugin, the Ogre::Plugin base class for making plugins that provide OgreGUI with keyboard and mouse input
OISInput.h [code]Contains OISInput, the OgreGUIInputPlugin subclass that provides OgreGUI with OIS input
PluginInterface.h [code]Contains the PluginInterface class, an interface to custom-control plugins that allow runtime control selection
PtRect.h [code]Contains the utility classes Pt and Rect
Scroll.h [code]Contains the Scroll scrollbar control class
SDLGUI.h [code]Contains SDLGUI, the input driver for using SDL with GG
Signal0.h [code]
Signal1.h [code]
Signal2.h [code]
Signal3.h [code]
Signal4.h [code]
Signal5.h [code]
Signal6.h [code]
Signal7.h [code]
Signal8.h [code]
SignalsAndSlots.h [code]Contains the Connect() functions, which simplify the connection of boost signals and slots
SignalTemplate.h [code]
Slider.h [code]Contains the Slider class, which provides a slider control that allows the user to select a value from a range if integers
Spin.h [code]Contains the Spin class template, which provides a spin-box control that allows the user to select a value from a range an arbitrary type (int, double, an enum, etc
StaticGraphic.h [code]Contains the StaticGraphic class, a fixed image control
StyleFactory.h [code]Contains the StyleFactory class, which creates new controls for internal use by dialogs and other controls
TabWnd.h [code]Contains the TabWnd class, which encapsulates a set of tabbed windows
TextControl.h [code]Contains the TextControl class, a control which represents a certain text string in a certain font, justification, etc
Texture.h [code]Contains the Texture class, which encapsulates an OpenGL texture object; the SubTexture class, which represents a portion of an OpenGL texture object; and the TextureManager class, which provides GUI-wide management of Texture objects
ThreeButtonDlg.h [code]Contains the standard modal user-input/-notification dialog
Timer.h [code]Contains the Timer class, which allows Wnds to receive regular notifications of the passage of time
Wnd.h [code]Contains the Wnd class, upon which all GG GUI elements are based
WndEditor.h [code]Contains the WndEditor class, a window that contains controls that can alter the properties of a Wnd interactively
WndEvent.h [code]Contains the WndEvent class, which is used internally by GG to dispatch event messages to Wnds
ZList.h [code]Contains the ZList class, which maintains the Z-/depth-position of Wnds for GUI

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